Old Photograph Farm Brighouse Bay Scotland

Old photograph of a farm by Brighouse Bay and beach near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. The country of Kirkcudbrightshire west of the Nith was originally peopled by a tribe of Celts called Novantae, who long retained their independence. After Gnaeus Julius Agricola's invasion in 79 AD, the country nominally formed part of the Roman province of Britannia. By the 7th century, much of Galloway became part of the English kingdom of Northumbria. During the next two hundred years the country had no rest from Danish and Saxon incursions and the continual lawlessness of the Scandinavian rovers. When Malcolm Canmore defeated and slew Macbeth in 1057 he married the dead king's relative Ingibiorg, a Pictish princess. The Galloway chiefs hesitated for a time whether to throw in their lot with the Northumbrians or with Malcolm; but language, race and the situation of their country at length induced them to become lieges of the Scottish king. In 1308 the district was cleared of the English and brought under allegiance to the king, when the lordship of Galloway was given to Edward Bruce.

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